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SEBO Genuine ET1 Power Brush
SEBO Genuine ET1 Power Brush
SEBO Genuine ET1 Power Brush
Sebo ET1 Power Brush

SEBO Genuine ET1 Power Brush

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The SEBO ET1 Power Brush with unique “Flex” neck provides ultra fast cleaning maneuverability around obstacles.

Quick release adapter on wand (no tools required). Heavy duty adapter support, swivel neck assembly. Flat-to-the-floor profile for under bed and furniture cleaning. Automatic shut-down for blockages.

Designed to be used with a back pack vacuum cleaner fitted with a suitable adaptor. Excellent for congested areas.

The SEBO Power Brush increases productivity and reduces operator fatigue.

SEBO power heads are recognized worldwide as the most reliable and best designed on the market. They are virtually maintenance free and feature warning systems and automatic shut-off capabilities designed to protect the machine and assure optimum performance. Brush roller removal is quick and easy, so it can be cleaned or replaced if the bristles are worn, ensuring consistently effective brush agitation. They also offer electronic overload protection that extends belt life by shutting off power if an obstruction jams the brush roller. And do not worry about pet clean up. All SEBO power heads easily remove pet hair!

The SEBO ET-1 Powerhead aggressively cleans carpets and hard floors. The brush roller may be turned off to clean delicate rugs & hard surfaces. Along with its ability to deep clean floors, the SEBO ET-1 is equipped with the most amazing steering capabilities that provide easy maneuverability around furniture. A smart “L-shaped” head is designed specifically to make edge cleaning effective and easy!

Also included, is a convenient clog removal door & an orange warning light with automatic shut off for brush roller obstructions. Warning light remains illuminated during use if brush height is set too high or when the brush roller should be replaced because of wear.

Wider "L-Shaped" Head (12" Wide)

Wider head allows for optimal cleaning and maneuverability around furniture and under counters.

Deep Cleaning

Sebo ET-1 power heads offer deep cleaning of your carpets that only a thorough brushing can give.

Brush On/Off Switch

The brush roller may be switched off by pressing the green illuminated on/off button, so delicate rugs and hard floors can be cleaned with straight suction.

Brush Roller Obstruction - Auto Shut Off

The brush roller offers an orange warning light with automatic shut off for brush roller obstructions. This prevents the belt from breaking and protects the motor and carpet from damage. Its warning light also remains illuminated during use when brush height is set too high for optimal cleaning or when the brush should be replaced due to reaching maximum bristle wear.

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Sebo ET1 Power Brush