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Dyson Vacuum Cleaner repairs in Newcastle

Dyson vacuum cleaner owners now have a choice of a local alternative for having repairs done to their Dyson vacuum cleaner in Newcastle.

1. If your Dyson vacuum cleaner is still under the manufacturers original new product warranty period (2 years from the date of purchase) YOU MUST box it up and return it to the only Dyson warranty service centre in whole of the state at Taren Point in Sydney as Dyson don't have local warranty agents in the Newcastle area unlike most other brand names.

2. If your Dyson is past the warranty period then the options to have the Dyson vacuum cleaner repaired YOU MUST, A. Find a box to pack the vacuum into, B. spend time arranging to have the vacuum cleaner shipped away BUT YOU ALSO HAVE TO PAY TO HAVE IT SHIPPED DOWN TO SYDNEY AT WHICH TIME YOU WILL THEN BE INFORMED OF THE ADDITIONAL COST TO REPAIR your Dyson vacuum cleaner.


3.  You can easily do a quick trip into Unit 12/17 Riverside Drive Mayfield West NSW 2304 and have your Dyson personally inspected by the experienced team at the Vac Shop to see if maybe a quick basic repair can get your Dyson back working at its best, We use high quality replacement parts on repairs and have many years of experience in vacuum cleaner repairs.

Call us today on 02 4960 1155 if you have any questions about services to your Dyson vacuum cleaner.