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Bio Blitz™ Biological Cleaner Concentrate
Bio Blitz™ Biological Cleaner Concentrate

Bio Blitz™ Biological Cleaner Concentrate

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Economical, Great for the Environment and Australian owned

Now that makes sense

1 litre makes 20 litres = $1.65 per litre!

A powerful 20:1 concentrate which has been formulated with beneficial probiotics, making cleaning quicker, easier, more effective and best of all cost saving.
Its cultured bacteria decompose organic matter such as urine, blood, soap scum, grease and fats by creating digestive enzymes that help bio-degrade complex compounds. Most impressively, the bacteria work upon application, meaning that long hours of cleaning are a thing of the past when you choose Bio Blitz™.

Product Details

With only 1 litre of Bio Blitz™ you can make up to 20 litres of cleaning product, which gives it greater flexibility and makes it more cost effective. This can be the only cleaner you need at home or work. It replaces most cleaners on the market and it is 100% chemical free!

Concentrated Formula
The Bio Blitz™ concentrate formulation carry environmental benefits producing a smaller carbon footprint due to the use of less plastic and other packaging materials per product unit, require less fuel consumption during shipping, and contain less materials for disposal.
Additionally, this is a biodegradable product that does not have a dangerous goods classification and or pose risk in terms of materials handling and transport.

Type Uses Dilution
Stubborn problems
Plumbing Maintenance, Grease and Drain Traps, Laundries, Ovens , BBQs 500 ml of Biological
& Fill with water
MED 10:1
Everyday cleaning
Urinals (inc Stainless Steel), Showers, Washrooms, Bathrooms 100 ml of Biological
& Fill with water
LIGHT 20:1
Spray & Wipe
Spray & Wipe, Vanities, Floors, Exercise Equipment 50 ml of Biological
& Fill with water
Glass cleaning
Glass, Mirrors, Floors 25 ml of Biological
& Fill with water


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