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Hoover Turbopower Lark Breeze Duet Belt

Hoover Turbopower Lark Breeze Duet Belt

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Hoover Turbopower Lark Breeze Duet Belt, this is a flat wide belt that fits the older Australian made upright style vacuum cleaner.

HOOVERModels TURBOLARK, TURBOPOWER, U1100, U1102, U1218, U1220, U1222E, U1290, U1400,U2194,U2196,U2320,U2332, U2334, U2336, U2382, U2406, U2408, U2560, U2562, U2566, U2568, U2570, U2572, U2574, U2602, U2604, U2634, U2636, U2638, U2662, U2712, U2716, U2718,Duet.

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Hoover Turbopower Lark Breeze Duet Belt