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NEW SEA 20 Battery Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Kit
NEW SEA 20 Battery Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Kit
NEW SEA 20 Battery Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Kit
NEW SEA 20 Battery Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Kit
NEW SEA 20 Battery Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Kit
NEW SEA 20 Battery Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Kit

NEW SEA 20 Battery Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Kit

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The practical STIHL SEA 20 battery handheld vacuum cleaner is designed so domestic users can quickly and easily clean small areas in the home. This set includes a STIHL AS 2 lithium-ion battery and a STIHL AL 1 standard charger as standard. So you have everything you need to get going cleaning smaller areas in and around the house. The STIHL SEA 20 lets you clean easily, conveniently and quietly. The high-powered 10 V handheld vacuum cleaner from STIHL is lightweight and ergonomic.

The softgrip handle ensures a firm hold and means you can comfortably operate the start button of the STIHL SEA 20 with either your right or left hand. The power tool has a locking solution to facilitate continuous operation without having to keep the control lever pressed. A flexible non-return flap behind the suction nozzle reliably keeps the vacuumed dirt inside the collection box, and is easy to detach when you need to empty and clean the box. Excellent filter performance is achieved with the two-stage filter system, and the filter can also be easily cleaned and reused.

The STIHL SEA 20 handheld vacuum cleaner set with AS 2 battery and AL 1 standard charger includes a number of practical accessories as standard: crevice nozzle, coarse dirt nozzle, vacuum hose, extension tube, paper filter and filter basket. Between jobs, the SEA 20 battery handheld vacuum cleaner from STIHL can be kept in the supplied storage bag with carrying ring for space-saving storage.

Our overview of STIHL battery life and charging times  shows how long you can work with your STIHL SEA 20 and how long the installed battery takes to charge.

The STIHL SEA 20 is compatible with the STIHL Smart Connector 1.0 , which can be retrofitted. You can use this to record operational time, and then maintain an overview of these and other parameters via the STIHL connected App.

Note: the AS 2 battery is certified in accordance with protection class IPX4.

  • LED Charge-level IndicatorZoom
    LED Charge-level Indicator

    At the push of a button, the LED charge-level indicator will inform you at any time about your battery’s remaining capacity. This allows you to efficiently plan working hours and charge the battery in good time.

  • Softgrip HandleZoom
    Softgrip Handle

    For comfortable handling. The softgrip handle sits comfortably and securely in the hand and absorbs some of the vibrations.


    KEEP THE THROTTLE POSITION CONSTANT FOR LONGER PERIODS. You can lock the throttle at any preferred position, even between levels. This relieves the strain on your index finger during longer periods of continual use.


    PREVENTS DIRT FROM ESCAPING. The non-return flap is located directly behind the suction nozzle and reliably holds vacuumed dirt in the collecting container.

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