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Miele SF-AA 30 Active AirClean charcoal filter
Miele SF-AA 30 Active AirClean charcoal filter
Miele SF-AA 30 Active AirClean charcoal filter

Miele SF-AA 30 Active AirClean charcoal filter

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SF-AA 30

Active AirClean filter with TimeStrip® helps filter unpleasant odours.

  • With active charcoal: Ideal for households with pets or smokers
  • Safely seals in the dust
  • With TimeStrip® filter change indicator
  • To maintain appliance performance, change the filter once a year
  • Contents: 1 filter
  • incl. for Classic C1, Complete C1 and Dynamic U1
    Fits Miele Models:
      • Miele Complete C1 models
      • Miele Classic C1 models
      • Miele Dynamic U1 Upright models
      • Miele S300i - S381
      • Miele S400 - S456i
      • Miele S500 - S558
      • Miele S600 - S658
      • Miele S700 - S799
      • Miele S700 Series
      • Miele S2 and S2000 Series, S2120 - S2180
      • Miele S7 and S7000 Series, S7510 - S7580
      • S300i - S858 
      • S301, S311, S311i, S311i-1, S312, S312i Festival, S312, S312i Tri-Colour, S314, S316, S318 Medivac, S324, 
      • S326, S326i, S326i Cat & Dog, S334 Ambiente, S336 Blue Magic, S344 Platinum S381, S380, S381, S381i, S382, S384, S386, S388
      • S401, S411, S411i, S412 PROFL, S421, S421i, S428, S428i, S428 Allergy Vac,  S434, S434i, S434 White Pearl, S444, 
      • S446, S446i White Pearl, S448, S448i Black Jewel
      • S500, S501, S510, S511, S511i, S511i-1, S512, S512i, S512i Salsa, S512-1, S513, S514, S514 Solaris, S514 Parketto, S514-1, S515-1, S516-1, S516, S517-1, S518, S518-1 S524, S526, S526 Cat & Dog,
      • S528, S528 Filtration Guard, S534, S536, S538, S538 Monte Verde, S544, S544 Artico, S548, S558, S558 Silver Moon, S558 Red Velvet, S570, S571, S571-1, S571, S572, S578,
      • S624, S624 Deluxe, S624 Parquet & Co, S626, S634, S636, S636 Big Cat & Dog, S638, S638 Allergy Control Plus, S644, S646, S648, S658, S658 Blue Moon
      • S700 Cat & Dog, S700 MedicAir, S700-1 Cat & Dog, S710, S710-1, S711, S711-1, S712, S712-1, S712/1, S718, S718-1, S714, S714-1, S715, S715-1, S716, S716-1, S717, S718, S718-1, S726, S726 Cat & Dog, S728, S734, S736, S738, S744, S745, S748, S749, S758, S758 + SEB 217-2, S758 + S217, S760, S761, S762, S764, S766, S768, S770, S771, S772, S774, S778
      • S812, S826, S828, S834, S836, S838, S844, S846, S848, S849, S858, S858 + SEB236
      • S2110, S2111, S2120, S2121, S2130, S2131, S2131, S2180, S2181, S7210
      • S7510, S7580

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