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microfibre cleaning kit
Concept Microfibre Home Hard Floor Cleaning System.

Concept Microfibre Home Hard Floor Cleaning System.

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Our Concept Microfibre Mop System is up to 5 times more effective at removing dirt and bacteria than standard mops. This system utilises the powerful cleaning action of Microfibre to reduce cost, save time and energy and reduce the potential for cross-contamination.

Using our Concept System will help you to reduce costs by reducing Water Consumption by up to 90% and Chemical and Detergent Consumption by 50% or more.

Each Microfibre Mop and Wipe consist of millions of tiny fibres that are 100 times finer than a human hair. The fibres are split to create wedge shaped filaments and woven to create a powerful cleaning surface. The core of the microfibre breaks up surface dirt and lifts and traps the dirt within the structure of the mop or cloth.

They easily remove and absorb all types of dirt and grime, including oils. Their construction using Polyester Microfibe means that they are totally non-linting.


Floor Cleaning Kit includes...

1 x Ergonomic Telescopic Pole (white) with telescopic range 105cm - 180cm

1 x Rectangular 40cm aluminium frame with removable velcro strips

1 x Microfibre Pad Micro-Speed Plus for dusting any floor surface

1 x Microfibre Pad EMR 30 for washing and scrubbing any floor surface


Microfibre Pads will last for up to 1000 machine washes.


microfibre cleaning kit