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Sebo Dart Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Sebo Dart Upright Vacuum Cleaner
sebo 7029 synthetic vacuum cleaner bag

Sebo Dart Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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The SEBO FELIX DART Series featured with a unique turning swivel neck and an integrated hose handle, sets a new technical standard using the most modern techniques.
Designed for use in Hotels, Nursing Homes and areas of clutter, the DART Series is available in two working widths. You can clean commercial areas conveniently and thoroughly, right to the last dust particle.
The 3-step SEBO S-class filtration, anti-allergy system is the perfect choice for customers with allergies and asthma.


    • Deep fibre cleaning with complete brush roller

    • Swivel powerhead for easy cleaning around obstacles

    • Detachable suction unit for above floor cleaning

    • Operator indicator lights for easy reference

    • Ideal for tight areas where space is limited

    • High performance filtration for improved indoor air quality



    • Twin motors

    • Suction motor max. 1300 Watt

    • Brush motor max. SEBO DART 1 175 Watt

    • Brush motor max. SEBO DART 2 200 Watt

    • 4-level Brush height adjustment

    • Filter bag 3.5l, 3-layer

    • Crevice nozzle is included

    • Weight 7.2 kg (depends on power head)

    • Action radius 10.5 m

    • Working width DART 1 31cm

    • Working width DART 2 37cm

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Sebo dart vacuum cleaner