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Mohawk SmartStrand Silk the Vacuums Hardest Test

It’s soft, luxurious and stain resistant but it’s a nightmare…. A nightmare to vacuum that is. It seems the Carpet Industries hottest new seller, Mohawk SmartStrand and variants made by other carpet companies, are near impossible to easily push a modern vacuum across. Since we at Vac Shop are getting calls from desperate customers looking for a vacuum that will not only clean their carpet, but one that can actually be pushed across it without needing a superhero to assist, we decided we needed to find a vacuum to clean that stuff!
Feel free to call Vac Shop if you would like further information on the vacuums we offer. We realize most consumers rush off to the Big internet Ecommerce sites to buy but as a small independant retail shop who loves the Vacuum Business and actually had the interest to do the research we really would love your business.

One thing you can be sure of is we will appreciate your business more than they will. VAC SHOP 0249601155.

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