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Carpet Powder and Your Bagless Vacuum!

One of the things that we like to try and keep freshly smelling in our homes is the carpet, this can be done a number of ways with regular vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner fitted with a brush roll which agitates the debris loose.

Some also have products that are sprinkled onto the carpet surface in a powder form or spray foam style, both of these styles of product may have an adverse effect of the performance of your bagless vacuum cleaner as they are to be sucked up by your vacuum cleaner when their perscribed method of cleaning is complete.


The very fine powder or crystallised residue from the cleaning agent sometimes puts a layer of fine particles on the surface of main filter which may restrict or shutdown the AIRFLOW thru the vacuum.

This is when most consumers notice “The Vacuum Doesn’t Suck!”.

This can be corrected with proper maintenance of the filter or if the soiling is very heavy as to completely shutdown the AIRFLOW the filter will need call the vac shop to order a replacement filter with a new one and dirt container/filter area serviced to remove any leftover powder.

Happy Vacuuming.

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