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henry bulk vacuum cleaner bags NVM-1CH Synthetic HEPAFLO
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Bulk Numatic Henry compatable Vacuum Bag Deal! Synthetic HEPAFLO

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BULK DEAL on Henry HEPA-FLO  Vacuum Bags!

1 Carton size (8pkts of 10 bags)
Hepa-Flo technology brings with it new standards of performance, higher efficiency, increased capacity and greater cleanliness and convenience.
FITS: Numatic NVQ402, HVC200, HVR200, James JVC235, JVR225, 1C-NV200 Henry, NV250, NVR200, 1B-NV200, 1B-MV250, 1B-NV350, 1B-SE250, 1B-SE350, 1C-225, 1C-250, Junior
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