What makes a great vacuum cleaner?

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He has seen everything stuck in a cleaner’s motor, from garter belts to the ever popular toy car.

“Kids just like to see them go whoosh up the tube, and sometimes I’m the guy that has to get them out”.

You may be surprised to learn that a great vacuum cleaner isn’t all about suction.

“It’s a combination of suction AND airflow, without both you can’t clean properly”, Andrew loudly proclaims in between demonstrating how he can suck up a bowling ball using just his mouth.

The final word on vacuum cleaner advice from Andrew and his years of experience is simple, “if your are buying a machine that is under $200, you can use it for 2 years and throw it away. The motor is the last thing that stops working, it’s the parts around the motor that fall apart first”.

Something for us all to suck on in that.