Cleaning Dyson Vacuum Filters

We could all do with a little ’pick me up’ from time to time – to help us recharge our batteries and be more efficient. Well, the same goes for our Dyson vacuum cleaners.

Dyson vacuum cleaners are created with pre motor filters so they need to be kept clean but not replaced annually like some other bagless vacuum cleaners, they just need some TLC.

Cleaning your Dyson filter every few months will ensure improved performance and a much cleaner home.

The filters on Dyson’s upright and canister models are the same and work in the same way, but accessing them is different.

  • Check your vacuum cleaner is switched off – unplug it from the wall
  • Remove the canister from your Dyson
  • Open the top lid of the canister – this is where the filter is stored
  • Remove the filter housing which holds the filter and cage or mesh tab
    • Upright cleaners: pull out the dirt canister
    • Canister cleaner: remove the plastic cover from the base
  • Pull out the mesh tab or cage to remove the filter
  • Run warm or cold water through the filter or cage – follow directions on the filter itself
  • Wipe filter with your hands under running water – do this until water from the filter runs clear
  • Leave the filter to dry for 24 to 72 hours
  • Check it’s completely dry before putting it back into your Dyson vacuum cleaner as use of a wet/damp filter may damage the vacuum cleaner.

With your Dyson firing on all cylinders, you should be good to go for the next few months.


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How to remove stain out of carpets?

How many headaches can a carpet stain cause you? Why is it so hard…?

It is hard because traditional carpet cleaning products do not remove the cause of the stain, they just mask it. But don’t worry, this hint would avoid you so many headaches… and get rid of the stains.

Step 1

DO NOT SCRUB OR RUB IN the stain. This would cause permanent pile distortion. Pick up solids before cleaning.

Step 2

Blot up as much liquid as possible preferably using a microfibre cloth.

Step 3

Dampen the offending area. You have to make sure that the area is properly moisturised. Do not saturate.

Step 4

Spray Wee Off on the offending area. Allow to air dry. Please do not scrub, we know you don’t want to see the stain anymore, but allow the bacteria in the Wee Off to work. You will be amazed at what these bacteria can do. But it is simple, they are just eating. Whether it is wine, coffee, food, urine, blood or vomit, the bacteria will feed off it.

Step 5

After approximately 10 minutes, blot dry with absorbent material such as white paper towelling or use a cool fan to complete drying. If you don’t bother vacuum it off, the result will be much better. 

wee off urine and vomit remover

The ready to use WeeOff™ Remover

Carpet powder and your bagless vacuum!

One of the things that we like to try and keep freshly smelling in our homes is the carpet, this can be done a number of ways with regular vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner fitted with a brush roll which agitates the debris loose.

Some also have products that are sprinkled onto the carpet surface in a powder form or spray foam style, both of these styles of product may have an adverse effect of the performance of your bagless vacuum cleaner as they are to be sucked up by your vacuum cleaner when their perscribed method of cleaning is complete.


The very fine powder or crystallised residue from the cleaning agent sometimes puts a layer of fine particles on the surface of main filter which may restrict or shutdown the AIRFLOW thru the vacuum.

this is when most consumers notice “The Vacuum Doesn’t Suck!”.

this can be corrected with proper maintenance of the filter or if the soiling is very heavy as to completely shutdown the AIRFLOW the filter will need call the vac shop to order a replacement filter with a new one and dirt container/filter area serviced to remove any leftover powder.


Happy Vacuuming.




Mohawk SmartStrand Silk the Vacuums hardest test.

 It’s soft, luxurious and stain resistant but it’s a nightmare…. A nightmare to vacuum that is.  It seems the Carpet Industries hottest new seller, Mohawk SmartStrand and variants made by other carpet companies, are near impossible to easily push a modern vacuum across.  Since we at Vac Shop are getting calls from desperate customers looking for a vacuum that will not only clean their carpet, but one that can actually be pushed across it without needing a superhero to assist, we decided we needed to find a vacuum to clean that stuff!

Feel free to call Vac Shop if you would like further information on the vacuums we offer. We realize most consumers rush off to the Big internet Ecommerce sites to buy but as a small independant retail shop who loves the Vacuum Business and actually had the interest to do the research we really would love your business.

one thing you can be sure of is we will appreciate your business more than they will. VAC SHOP 0249601155.