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While You Wait Vacuum Repairs!

No more checking in your faulty vacuum cleaner and waiting days, weeks or sending it to another state to know what’s wrong with it and why its not working properly. New this year at the Vac Shop is “while you wait vacuum cleaner repairs”, as soon as you bring your vacuum into the store our trained […]

“TRICK or TREAT? False Claims or Real Benefits…

“TRICK or TREAT? False Claims or Real Benefits… (the frightening reality of vacuum marketing) In honor of Halloween, I always like to address some of the spooky, freaky and downright scary aspects in the world of vacuuming! What do I find to be the scariest? FALSE MARKETING CLAIMS!! Disappointing, perhaps; But scary? You would think […]

How to remove stain out of carpets?

How many headaches can a carpet stain cause you? Why is it so hard…? It is hard because traditional carpet cleaning products do not remove the cause of the stain, they just mask it. But don’t worry, this hint would avoid you so many headaches… and get rid of the stains. Step 1 DO NOT […]

Carpet powder and your bagless vacuum!

One of the things that we like to try and keep freshly smelling in our homes is the carpet, this can be done a number of ways with regular vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner fitted with a brush roll which agitates the debris loose. Some also have products that are sprinkled onto the carpet surface in […]

Mohawk SmartStrand Silk the Vacuums hardest test.

 It’s soft, luxurious and stain resistant but it’s a nightmare…. A nightmare to vacuum that is.  It seems the Carpet Industries hottest new seller, Mohawk SmartStrand and variants made by other carpet companies, are near impossible to easily push a modern vacuum across.  Since we at Vac Shop are getting calls from desperate customers looking […]

Do Not Judge a Vacuum by its Suction Power.

  Do Not Judge a Vacuum by its Suction Power. A good vacuum cleaner does not need a massive amount of suction power in order to work well. Think of the cordless rechargeable hand held vacuum that you love so much. As long as you’re using it on a hard surface, it picks up everything […]